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Hot And Cold Fascia Gun

Parameters And Packing Data

◎ Input voltage: 5V 2A
◎ Lithium battery capacity: 11.1v 2400mAh
◎ Power: 25W
◎ Product size: 156 * 59 * 151MM
◎ Outer box size: 420 * 260 * 500MM
◎ Packing quantity: 8 sets
◎ Gross / net weight: 12.5 / 11.5kg

Functional Features:

• An invention patented product with cold and hot compress massage function;
• The fascia gun has fast massage frequency,strong vibration and more accuratestrength.It can promote the liquid exchange in the fascia and eliminateor alleviate the muscle stiffness and fatigue after strenuous exercise;
• The interchangeable use of hot and cold functions can make the muscles more relaxed after exercise and fitness,so as to eliminate muscle stiffness and relieve musclesoreness caused by excessive fatigue;
• The cold and hot massage head has a heavy duty function that reaches deeper into the muscles and provides lasting relaxation;
• The three functions of vibration, heating and refrigeration can be used separately,making the operation more convenient;

• Cold and hot compress function can be used for import and export during skin care to make the skin more compact, clean and transparent;