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Eye Massager

Parameters And Packing Data

◎ Input voltage: 5V 2A
◎ Lithium battery capacity: 3.7V 1200mAh
◎ Power: 6W
◎ Product size: 190*72*71MM
◎ Outer box size: 480*275*295MM
◎ Packing quantity: 12 sets
◎ Gross/net weight: 8.3/7.8kg

Functional Features:

• 16 bionic micro-vibration massage head,precise compression ofacupuncture points around the eyes,quickly relax the eye muscles
• 3D visualization design to avoid pressure on the eye
• Constant temperature of 40 degrees relieves,promotes eye bloodcirculation, relaxes the eyemuscles and relieve eye fatigue
• 180 ° foldable body Smaller than a cell phone, easy to carry
• can connect your phone to play music by Bluetooth