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Mini Thermal Fascia Gun

Parameters And Packing Data

◎ Input voltage: 5V 2A
◎ Lithium battery capacity: 7.4V 2200mAh
◎ power:15W
◎ Product size: 135 * 48 * 159MM
◎ Outer box size: 250*370*390MM
◎ Packing quantity: 10 sets
◎ Gross / net weight: 9.1/8.6 kg

Functional Features:

• The fascia gun has fast massage frequency, strong vibration and more accuratestrength. It can promote the liquid exchange in the fascia and eliminateor alleviate the muscle stiffness and fatigue after strenuous exercise;
• The thermal massage head can make the muscles more relaxed after exerciseand fitness, so as to eliminate muscle stiffness and relieve muscle sorenesscaused by excessive fatigue;
• The thermal massage head has a heavy duty function that reaches deeper into the muscles and provides lasting relaxation;
• Vibration and thermal energy functions can be used alone, making operationmore convenient;

• Hot compress function can be used for skin beauty spa to make the skin firmer,clean and transparent;