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U-shaped Neck Massage Pilow

Parameters And Packing Data

◎ Input voltage: DC 5V
◎ Power: 5W
◎ Lithium battery capacity: 2500mAh
◎ Single package size:240X210X157MM
◎ Outer box size:630*450*470MM
◎ Packing quantity: 30 sets
◎ Gross /net weight:19.50/21.0kg

Functional Features:

• U-shaped surround, three-dimensional support head and neck
• Higher L-shaped massage head, to be surrounded by ten fingers to knead and push the cervical spine to the oblique muscles, system to care for the cervical spine
• 42℃ thermostatic hot compress to refresh the brain during the day and help you sleep at night
• Upgrade 4 kneading massage head, massage area is larger
• Fabric cover can be easily disassembled and cleaned