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Portable CoolSculpting Device

Parameters And Packing Data

◎ Input voltage: 5V 2A
◎ Lithium battery capacity: 10.8V 3000mAh
◎ Power: 60W
◎ Product size: 246*104*59MM
◎ Outer box size: 465*317.5*235MM
◎ Packing quantity: 6 sets
◎ Gross/net weight:12.5/11.5kg

Functional Features:

• An invention patented product with cold and hot compress massage function;
• 20 speed levels of EMS low-frequency pulses simulate human bioelectric signals,stimulate and exercise themuscle tissue
• 3 levels of cold compress function, the temperature is 15℃, 10℃, 5℃, the triglyceride in the fat cells condensed by thecold, accelerated apoptosis, and then discharged from the body through the body metabolism
• 3 levels of hot compress function, the temperature is: 34 ℃, 39 ℃, 43 ℃, to promote the body metabolismaccelerate local blood circulation
• EMS, cold compress, hot compress three functions can be used separately, the operation is more convenient